We cultivate dynamic partnerships with forward-looking brands and companies through events, content, and experiences.

Co-hosted events

By co-hosting events with us, you gain access to a vibrant network that complements your own. We specialise in creating synergistic collaborations that connect ecosystems, amplifying your event’s reach and impact.

Curated programming

Discover the value of our curatorial expertise as we meticulously align your brand's essence with the curation of industry thought leaders, top tier artists and technology founders.

Creative & production services

In partnership with MAD Global, an agency at the forefront of innovation and creative production.


Partner benefits

Exclusive Networking

Authentic opportunities to network with industry leaders, gain valuable insights and establish meaningful connections with decision-makers and innovators.

Brand Amplification

Amplify your brand's presence and influence, reaching our engaged audience through carefully curated marketing programming and activations

Thought Leadership

Engage with and gain access to numerous industry thought leaders and experts through engaging panel discussions, informative workshops, and exclusive events

Data & Analytics

Pre and post-event data, media list and analytics with on-the-day engagement.
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